Creating Call Restrictions in Avaya IP Office 500v2

In these steps I will show you how to make the call restrictions in Avaya IP Office 500v2, I would have to create ARS and User Rights along with the specific short codes for the required restrictions.

Step 1: I will make 5 ARS form - 1). 50: Main, 2). No International, 3). Local, 4). With Account Code, 5). Intercom. To create the ARS form go to ARS then right click and choose New.

1). User without restriction

(Note: In a line group field, check the line settings to verify the appropriate line group ID value) - Go to Line and verify the outgoing Line Group ID.

2). User without International calls

3). User with local calls only

4). User with account code

5). User with Intercom only

Step 2: The second steps is to create the User Rights that would be use for the user extension with different call restrictions. In this example; I would have to create 5 User Rights form and I will assign the ARS and user extensions in every User Rights form as follows: 1). No Restriction, 2). Local, 3). No Intl, 4). With Acct Code, 5). Intercom. To create the new user rights go to User Rights, then right click and choose New.

1). No Restrictions - User Rights

2). Local - User Rights

3). No International - User Rights

4). With Account Code - User Rights

5). Intercom - User Rights


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